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Sail Area

 Main: 100 sq. ft.

Jib: 35 sq. ft.

Mast Height: 22′


Length: 15′

Beam: 5’10”

JY 15 Features

Self-bailing, ergo dynamic cockpit

Kick up rudder and centerboard for easy beaching

An extremely stable hull that allows for a greater range of crew weight

Flared sides provide a comfortable hiking edge

One Design specifications ensure that every boat is the same

A planing hull that you’ll never outgrow

Air tight hull that provides over 1000 lbs. of positive flotation

The JY15 is a one-design racer/day sailor. It can be sailed with 2-3 people comfortably.


JY15 News

Upcoming Regattas

Race Schedule
JY15 NAs for 2016 Announced
February 26, 2016

The JY15 NAs for 2016 have been scheduled for September 16-18th at Breakwater Yacht Club in Sag Harbor.  In the next few weeks you will see the NOR and registration. We look forward to seeing a great group this year.

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Our Partners

2012 North American Championships, Beaufort, South Carolina
At the JY15 North American Championships, the class's top sailors take turns beating each other up on the water. For a third year, Beaufort sailor John Potter emerged as the best of the highly competitive group. He won two of the regatta's eight races hosted by Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club to finish with 21 points and win the event for a third time, edging New Yorker Paul-John Patin, with 25 points. Potter and his wife, Cheryl, won the final race Monday after a lack of wind postponed racing two hours. Wind picked up to an estimated 8 to 10 knots by late morning, allowing time for only one race in the Beaufort River before the noon cutoff.