Nickels Boat Works and WindRider Merger – What it means for JY15 Class
March 24, 2016

Change is scary. The reason change is scary is because of the unknown. For 10+ years Nickels has been a

valued member of the JY15 family and now there is a change. People are wondering: “What is going to

happen with Nickels? Are the boats going to be the same? Will parts still be available? Who are these

new people?” I hope to allay some of the fears by introducing myself and our vision for Nickels,

WindRider and the JY15 Class.


My name is Robert Sanberg and with my father Dean, we own WindRider. Sailing and being on the

water is our passion. While not historically Jy15 sailors, we share the same ideals: promoting sailing

across generations, making it accessible for people without large budgets, and enjoying the camaraderie

that comes with sailing. Our tagline and mission is Go Sail™; that is something that the JY15 Class does

very well.


So what is going to happen at Nickels? Not much. One of the things that drew us to Nickels was its

legacy of making quality boats, providing great customer service and ensuring that people have a great

time on the water. This is a legacy we will continue. The staff at Nickels will continue to build the boats

to the high level that is expected. We are also going to start integrating them into the customer service

side of things. We think that the people that know the boat best should be the ones answering

questions. Have a question about rigging and repair? Sharri Hallet can help so email



Additionally, we want to further enhance customer experience online. You will find all the parts you

need at www.windrider.com. We are now in the process of adding pictures for all the parts and we will

be adding additional rigging diagrams and information so if you are rigging or restoring an older JY15, it

will be easier to do.


Finally, we want to support and grow sailing. We believe the best way to do this is at the local level. One

way we do this is through our program Go Sail Give Back. We donate 6% of sales to local sailing

organizations of the individual’s choosing. By buying parts on windrider.com you can support your local

club, camp or sailing school. If you want to know more about Go Sail Give Back, go to

www.windrider.com and click on the Go Sail Give Back logo in the upper right.


If you have any questions, or want to talk more about the merger, a JY15 or sailing in general, please

email me at robert@windrider.com or call me at 612-735-5540.


We look forward to the future of the JY15 Class and our participation in it.